Janette, a turtle, was set free in Riccione on October 20, 2023, following months of care. Discovered stranded in Venice last March, she was rescued by volunteers from WWF Veneto. Janette, a mature female of over 25 years, was diagnosed with an infection upon her arrival at the FONDAZIONE CETACEA (a sea turtle rescue center) in Riccione. With a carapace length of 80 cm and weighing 62 kilograms, Janette had gained weight since her arrival, having originally weighed only 53 kilograms.

Participating in the Life Med Turtles project, Janette was equipped with a satellite device attached to her carapace to investigate migratory behaviors and environmental influences. Monitoring sea turtle movements is crucial, particularly in light of climate change. Previously, in the Adriatic sea, turtles typically migrated south during winter, but now they are shifting northward toward Croatia in the northern Adriatic. Janette, as an adult turtle, will be closely observed for reproductive activities, offering valuable insights into nesting preferences. Recent years have witnessed turtle nests appearing on beaches further north.

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