The sea turtle «Hannin» was recorded in Egyptian waters after crossing the Libyan coast, following its return to the sea on Saturday, December 30, 2023, by the LifeMedturtles project team at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax under the supervision of university professor Mr. Emad Al-Greibi, in collaboration with the Gleej Society for Marine Environment, Al-Mahari Hostel Djerba, and the NASTNet network.

Entry to the Sea Slum Reserve, which is the first complete marine nature reserve in the Egyptian regional waters of the Mediterranean since 2010, has been expanded to include a coastal wilderness area. Located at the western border of Egypt with Libya, in the northwestern part of the Morsi Matrouh governorate, it covers an area of approximately 383 km². The marine part is situated in Egyptian regional waters and a coastal part extends for 500 meters. The purpose of registering it as a protected area was to preserve the region’s natural resources and protect endangered species such as sea turtles, sponges, corals, and fish. An environmental assessment study of natural resources was carried out by the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (SPARAC), titled «The Mediterranean Sanctuary of the Mediterranean Sea.»

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