Presumably, during the night between June 12th and 13th, a sea turtle chose to lay its nest on the beach of Cupra Marittima (AP), Italy. Unfortunately, we could only discover the event about 70 hours later, following a video posted on Facebook, in which the turtle covered in sand was seen returning to the sea. Involved by the Harbor Master’s Office – Coast Guard of San Benedetto del Tronto, the Cetacea Foundation (authorized for nest management in Emilia Romagna and Marche, Italy) intervened on the spot: veterinarian Nicola Ridolfi and members Donatella Sordelli and Emidio Scarponi, coordinated remotely by Piero Carlino of the Sea Turtle Recovery Center – Calimera Museum, finally located the nest and secured it.
Although it was less than 10 meters from the shoreline, it was not possible to relocate the nest due to the elapsed time since the laying.
In the coming days, a meeting will be held to coordinate future actions on the nest with the Harbor Master’s Office, the municipal administration, and the Research and Teaching Unit of the University of Camerino, coordinated by the Cetacea Foundation, which holds scientific responsibility.
We take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of promptly reporting sightings of sea turtles on our shores.

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