The new campaign by Xaloc NGO and UVEG team to detect and protect hatchlings emerged from undetected nests over the season in East Spain.

The time for the hatching of the possible nets of sea turtles no detected begins now.

They usually hatch during the night, sometimes at dawn or nightfall.
This is what you have to do if you see a sea turtle neonate:

· Call 112

· Do not catch or touch the turtle, the neonates are very sensible, and the authorities forbid the contact with these animals.

· Do not focus a light to the neonates and do not take photos with flash. The lights diverts the sea turtles from the sea, they can wear out and die.

· Do not erase the trails, do not step on them and avoid other people to do so. These trails are needed to find the nest.

· Look where you are walking to avoid stepping on other neonates.

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