The second in the Valencia Region and the fifth nesting event in the Spanish Mediterranean this season.

Yesterday night, a family was taking a walk at 1 a.m. by the promenade of La Cala de las
Estacas, then they witnessed the nesting attempt of a loggerhead turtle (probably the same
one that was seen the Saint John’s Eve at Cabo Roig’s creek).
The behavior of this family was exemplar because they only observed the animal from a
distance, and only when the turtle return to the sea they went close to the nest. Moreover,
they also call the emergency number 112.
Sadly, although the sea turtle dig the nesting chamber, she did not lay the eggs. This behavior
occurs in several occasions, even when, like last night, they are not disturbed.
She will return to the shore. ¿Where? We do not know… That is why the collaboration of we all
is so important. If you see a sea turtle call the 112, and maintain the distance without
disturbing her. If you find the footprints of exit and entrance from the sea, call the 112 and do
not step on them.
Thank you Ana and Victoria for showing me this morning the right place, for giving me the
photos, and because of the exemplar behavior of all the members of your family.
The event has been recorded at the national database for nesting events of sea turtles. The
city halls of Guardamar, Torrevieja, Orihuela, Pilar de la Horadada, San Pedro del Pinatar, San
Javier and the volunteer groups have been alerted for the next nights.
We are living amazing experiences these last years, regarding the nesting of loggerhead turtles
in our shores.


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