In early June 2020 Fondazione Cetacea, partner of the Life Medturtles project started its interview campaign for the collections of important data on the current panorama of the sea turtle population in the Adriatic Sea with fishermen operating in 9 target ports, located in North Italy.

Due to the restrictions of the COVID19 emergency in Italy, it was impossible to hold meetings with all fishermen. FC during these interviews explain them some simple treatment techniques to adopt in order to dramatically reduce the mortality of sea turtles caught accidentally, inform and propose the use of TEDs in trawl nets and traps instead of set nets and also by publicizing the eTurtle App, developed by the Life Euroturtles project.

To carry out this activity, the FC has the support and collaboration of some of the fishing cooperatives present in the localities of interest and the sympathy and generosity of many fishermen. So, we would like to thank the participation of everyone who has contributed to the success of that until now. With the work done so far, we have already had the opportunity to strengthen important ties for the good execution of the project.

It is important to note that due to current sanitary situation, some delays and adaptation have been necessary, but we are always looking for the best way to carry out the planned activities without causing any damage to the project.

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